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J.H. ~ 1/27/17

*”Naomi is amazing! She took time to truly listen and understand my symptoms before beginning treatment. Every time I met with her, she sat with me, asked questions, and listened to me talk about how I was feeling that week. Treatment changed week-to-week based on all that information. The acupuncture itself was truly wonderful. I left feeling calm, balanced, and energized all at the same time. I recommend it to anyone feeling like they want to try alternative therapy for any reason!”*

B.A. 12/16/16

*”I’ve had pain from an automobile accident for many years. Although I underwent surgery, the long term effects have been terribly, chronically painful, and I’ve been tortured with neck, arm and shoulder pain. Before submitting to more surgery, I thought that I would try Accupuncture with Naomi. I was impressed right away with her training and background. Her help was truly as good as it could possibly be. I was amazed at how her technique could loosen things up and allow me to move without the pain that I have been enduring for years. I’m a believer, as is my husband, that Naomi is a wonderful healer and that her training and compassion can make A tremendous difference in your life. Give it a try. What do you have to lose, other than the pain that you’ve been carrying around for a long time? She is wonderful!”*

P.H. 12/15/16

*”My exposure to Naomi, and her wondrous acupuncture skills at Six Branches, was a pleasant surprise. I struggled with digestive issues as well as chronic pain in my ankle. She worked on the immediate stomach issues and my return visit, since I felt so much better, focused on my ankle.

The calming attention I received from Naomi, in-and-of-itself, was healing. I felt completely safe, comforted, and mothered. Who doesn’t need another mom around?

Thanks for the chance to express my appreciation! I’ll be back in the coming year, for sure.”*

S.S. ~ 6/22/2016

*”I spend my days hunched over a keyboard, and ever since I’ve fallen off the yoga wagon, my shoulders and upper back have been killing me. I went to Naomi for help with muscle tension and soreness. This was not my first experience with acupuncture, but it was certainly one of the best I’ve had. Naomi has a lovely bedside manner, listens thoughtfully, and provides sensible advice. Whatever magic she worked with the needles also relieved the pain in my back and neck so that I was able to ease back into an exercise and stretching routine. I will definitely be back. Naomi is a star! You won’t be disappointed.”*

K.M. ~ 6/19/2016

*”I love my acupuncturist in Nashville so anyone should really pale by comparison.   Imagine my surprise when I met Naomi and she absolutely blew me away with her expertise, compassion, sensitivity and attention to detail.    I could not have been more impressed with her services.   I loved my session.   I definitely will be scheduling return visits when I return to Portland. “*

M.M. ~ 6/11/2016

*”I visited Six Branches yesterday after a crazy stressful week, and left feeling calm and centered for the first time in a LONG time. Naomi provided me with a restorative, restful treatment, and even though I hadn’t received acupuncture in years, I will be returning as much as I can in the future. Beautiful space, convenient location, and Naomi is a really knowledgable and gentle practitioner. I’m so happy to have her in Portland now! Thank you!”*

J.T. ~ 6/5/2016

*”Naomi’s calm, gentle approach to acupuncture is very soothing. Her bedside manner is both friendly and effective — she is observant and good at asking the right questions!”*

W.W. ~ 5/20/2016

*”I recently visited Naomi at Six Branches Acupuncture and felt immediately at ease. She has a wonderful warm energy, calm and relaxed, compassionate and caring, confident and adept. Her pre-treatment questionnaire was thorough and prompted fascinating conversation – I learned so much from her in a single visit. She made me part of the treatment process instead of simply being a recipient and I saw significant improvement with the first treatment. The office is tranquil and relaxing and conveniently located in Portland with plenty of parking. I would highly recommend Six Branches Acupuncture, whether you are a new or seasoned recipient of this modality.”*

S.H. ~ 12/11/2015
*”Naomi is an amazing healer. I have seen her for acupuncture and massage for almost 3 years, and she has made a huge difference in the pain from a recurring injury in my hip/gluteus. She has also worked wonders with fertility treatment for 2 of my colleagues who thought they couldn’t conceive. I am very sorry that she is leaving San Francisco. Portland, Maine is very lucky to have her!”*

K.C. ~ 12/4/2015
*”I came to Naomi after a back injury that resulted in nerve damage. She helped with my recovery, and thanks to her my nerve regenerated much more quickly than I expected. Naomi has a very calming and reassuring presence. She is down-to-earth, practical and client-oriented. I highly recommend Naomi.”*

D.D. ~ 12/3/2015
*”I’ve met Naomi just few weeks ago when she treated me for multiple issues. She is a very thorough and really knows her job. She helped me for my rosacea and I quit smoking. I recently took my 7 yrs old son for a treatment and he just asked me today when we are going to meet her again. We love her! She is a great professional!”*

H.R. ~ 11/15/2015
*”I highly recommend Naomi to anyone dealing with symptoms of menopause – everything from hot flashes to insomnia to mood swings. Through regular acupuncture treatments and herbal formula therapy, Naomi was able to help usher me back to a pattern of sound sleep and a feeling of greater balance in general. I highly recommend her!”*

D.M. ~ 11/14/2015
*”People of Maine, we’re sending you our Naomi! The first time I sought her care I had  pretty much accepted my condition as chronic since my Primary Care Physician hadn’t been able to help me even with prescription drugs. Naomi got me back on track in just two treatments– I have since been treated for various things including anxiety & food issues (where she’s empowered me!), but for the last six months I have mainly come in for the peace & deep relaxation her massage & acupuncture provide. I’m sure going to miss her wisdom & kindness.”*

M.F. ~ 11/9/2015
*”I have taken my son Carmelo (6 yo) to see Naomi twice, and both treatments were very helpful. She is very good with kids, calm, engaging and really knows what she’s doing. I really appreciate how accessible and affordable her treatments are. She also is extremely flexible about scheduling. I highly, highly recommend Naomi!”*

J.C. (update) ~ 8/19/2015
*”Naomi continually brings a positive and pleasant attitude to each session, always dedicates time to my past and current concerns, and addresses how to work on them. She is informative and I appreciate her updates on my progress. Since my healing and over all well being is only getting better I can confidently say Naomi is worth seeing. The atmosphere is so much more personal then a regular doctors office and less stressful that I can’t urge people enough to try acupuncture especially with Naomi.”*

J.C. ~ 6/15/2015
*”This was my first time trying acupuncture and Naomi made the experience better than I had imagined. She’s passionate about healing and takes time to explain what she does and why. I immediately felt relief from stress in my body and mind after our session. I believe acupuncture can heal now and I’m thrilled to be working with Naomi on my road to a healthier lifestyle. “*

K.K. ~ 5/25/2015
*”I started receiving acupuncture from Naomi over three years ago for fertility support.   Naomi supported me through the process of trying to get pregnant, pregnancy and postpartum challenges.  During this process I received both acupuncture and herbs from Naomi.  Not only was she very knowledgeable in both of these areas, she provided me the comfort and emotional support I need through this long process.  She is incredibly kind, gentle and accommodating.  While fertility and pregnancy issues cannot always be planned, she readily made time in her schedule to see me as the situation required. Today I am writing this review with my 10 week old son in my arms…success!”*

H.A. ~ 4/6/2015
*”Naomi is a thoughtful practitioner, who spends ample time understanding your needs and addresses them in a relaxed and supportive manner. I look forward to going to her massage and accupuncture treatments each week because they rejuvenate me and help me get through the next week. Not only is the quality of care high, but the scheduling is easy and her space is very inviting and centering.”*

S.C. ~ 5/20/2014
*”I’ve been seeing Naomi for about a year and she is a true healer, she has helped my back pain immensely.”*

H.H. ~ 4/27/2014
*”Naomi always takes the time to do a thorough intake for my ridiculously complicated health profile. She is warm and professional, clearly experienced and knowledgeable but remains accessible in terms of answering questions and charting the path for my well-being. She has a calm demeanor. I always look forward to my sessions.”*

D.N. ~ 1/3/2014
*”I’ve been enjoying the benefits of acupuncture for almost 15 years, for a variety of ailments. Naomi is one of the best practitioners I’ve run across, particularly for treating chronic pain and musculoskeletal issues (which I’ve received treatment for intermittently for eight years now). She is gentle, intuitive, and asks intelligent questions without being intrusive. I have found her treatments to be effective for my muscle spasms and chronic pain. Highly recommended.”*

T.B. ~ 10/22/2013
*”Naomi is great and has helped me with different issues such as acid reflux, back pain, and “morning sickness” (in my case all day sickness) once I got pregnant. She really listens and tailors the treatment according to your needs. I look forward to continue seeing Naomi. “*

F.L. ~ 8/5/2013
*”A couple of months after quitting the pill and going to Naomi once a week, I got my first natural period in 16 years. I celebrated that period like only a woman with PCOS will ever understand. I kept going back, in the hopes that acupuncture would cure me. I even added a couple of herbs she prescribed and started taking Vitex on my own, but when another month passed by and I didn’t get a second period, and another week and another month went by, I felt I was back into old self me and would need to go back to the doctor to get myself some medical treatment (untreated PCOS can cause some serious issues). I remember laying there crying with needles all over me, feeling so sorry for myself. I was that woman that couldn’t get a natural period, who was addicted to birth control pills to control acne and crazy hormones, and who was told at 16 that would have a really hard time getting pregnant one day.

Naomi suspected there was something else there and before giving me more ovulation inducing therapy she asked me to take a pregnancy test, which she had available in her office. Laughing at that joke, I peed on the stick one evening right after the session, only to find out the impossible had happened. A visit to the doctor the next day confirmed what Naomi’s intuition (and digital pregnancy test) said: I was 9 weeks pregnant.

Yes, I am that woman who ovulated once in 16 years and got knocked up! I’m now half-way through this non-planned but very welcomed pregnancy, and expect a baby girl for early December. I don’t know if Naomi’s needles, herbs, magic or the simply relaxation I got from my sessions with her were the factor, but I believe it may have been a combination of it all. In any case, I feel that her providing me the support and the hope I needed were the main factors that kept making me going back to her, and sending friends with different issues than mine her way. I couldn’t recommend her more.”*

D.M. ~ 5/13/2013
*”Naomi is intuitive, nonjudgemental, and truly wants to help get all your body systems back in balance.  When I first came to her, I was uncharacteristically full of anxiety which was affecting my health.  Some of my issues took only one session to relieve, another chronic issue my M.D. gave me pills for, which were ineffective, took two sessions and a lovely tea.  Naomi always makes me feel welcome and cared for–I trust her completely.”*

S.H. ~ 5/31/2013
*”Naomi is a very professional and kind practitioner. She has been treating me for about 4 months for a pulled muscle and bursitis in my hip. She is a great listener and is very responsive, always adapting my treatment to how I am feeling and thinking of different ways to get at the cause of the problem. I have had much better results with her than with my physical therapist or sports medicine physician. I highly recommend her!”*

J.A. ~ 4/29/2013
*”Naomi has been treating me for infertility with acupuncture and herbs since January. She listens to my concerns and doesn’t make me feel like I’m insane when I tell her about my symptoms or ask her questions, unlike my fertility doctor has at times. She Has a good sense of humor and is reassuring when I start to feel hopeless. I feel healthier and hopeful that I will get pregnant soon. I even recommended her to my husband, who hates going to doctors, and he’s been going twice a month.”*

L.M. ~ 2/10/2013
*”Exactly what I needed! To cope with the aftermath of a terrible accident four years ago acupuncture has become a very important part of my life. Naomi was recommended to me by both my massage therapist and my acupuncturist in New York when I told them I’d be moving to SF. Naomi has a very calming and healing way of treating both physical and mental ailments. I felt the benefits straight away. I felt lighter and felt my body and soul were better in tune one with the other after the session.”*

P.M. ~ 2/4/2013
*”Naomi thoughtfully fit me in when she had a cancellation. She was supportive and engaging during my first appointment, encouraging me to share helpful information about my cough and ongoing lung complaints. We talked about immediate relief and long-term possible improvements. I feel like I’m in really good hands. She has built a beautiful practice and really cares for her patients. Most importantly, within 12 hours I felt like my breathing was less strained, my stamina had improved and my cough had lessened. Hooray for health, thanks to Naomi!”*

J.I. ~ 1/10/2013
*”Naomi is a fantastic acupuncturist and has provided great care for me for months. I’ve had significant symptom relief and have enjoyed working with her. I highly recommend her!”*

S.W. ~ 7/15/2012
*”I’m a newbie to acupuncture, but I do know that Naomi is amazing. She totally put me at ease, explained what she was doing, and is flexible & super sweet. I first saw her at community acupuncture; she made me feel so great I had to go visit her privately. She took what seemed like extra special care with me, though I’m sure that’s just how she treats everyone. I went to her to help induce as a “past due” pregnant mama. She was just fantastic- really wanted feedback on what points were working and would work on those for awhile. She really helped ease my anxieties, and I went into labor immediately following a nice strong session with her- can’t ask for much more! Thanks, Naomi!”*

F.W. ~ 5/26/2012
*”So there I was with a neck that hurt and had been hurting for weeks. Stretching didn’t help neither did my Chiropractor. I actually went to Naomi for something unrelated and while there thought, let’s have her massage my neck and see what happens. So I got a combo acupuncture / massage neck treatment and today – I feel fantastic. I knew she was good but really, this good I had no idea. I couldn’t wait till she opened her new place and now I can’t wait to go back to see her.”*

R.F. ~ 1/11/2011
*”Naomi is *fantastic*.  I have a recurring issue stemming from distance running that affects my lower back.  After my massage, it was completely gone.  Four months later, the problem still has not resurfaced!  This is amazing to me because I’ve never gone this long without the issue cropping up again.”*

J.S. ~ 3/9/2010
*”Naomi has magic hands and gift for healing. i came to her with intense sciatic pain (i couldn’t walk more than a block) and she was patient, listened to my needs, and gave me the best massage of my life. she understands the human body and was sensitive where it hurt, stretched me, pulled me, pushed me, all with skilled attentiveness. After my massage I felt like forest gump running off the leg braces.  She has a gift for healing and a therapeutic touch. I’d recommend her for anyone with severe chronic pain.”*

C.D. ~ 10/9/2009
*”Naomi is a phenomenal practitioner, and I have recommended her to my friends and family.  I have seen many massage therapists and bodyworkers over the years and truly find Naomi to be a marvel. I was stunned at her ability to combine real, useful body work that helped with pains and injuries and spa-style relaxation. I left her office both floating on a cloud and stunned at how little my neck hurt after 90 minutes work.”*

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*These are testimonials from patients that Naomi Skoglund L.Ac. has treated over the years.  Statements about successful treatment from one person do not guarantee successful treatment for others.

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