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  • *”I love my acupuncturist in Nashville so anyone should really pale by comparison. Imagine my surprise when I met Naomi and she absolutely blew me away with her expertise, compassion, sensitivity and attention to detail. I could not have been more impressed with her services. I loved my session. I definitely will be scheduling return visits when I return to Portland. “*

  • *I'm a newbie to acupuncture, but I do know that Naomi is amazing. She totally put me at ease, explained what she was doing, and is flexible & super sweet. I first saw her at community acupuncture; she made me feel so great I had to go visit her privately. She took what seemed like extra special care with me, though I'm sure that's just how she treats everyone. I went to her to help induce as a "past due" pregnant mama. She was just fantastic- really wanted feedback on what points were working and would work on those for awhile. She really helped ease my anxieties, and I went into labor immediately following a nice strong session with her- can't ask for much more! Thanks, Naomi!*

  • *Exactly what I needed! To cope with the aftermath of a terrible accident four years ago acupuncture has become a very important part of my life. Naomi was recommended to me by both my massage therapist and my acupuncturist in New York when I told them I'd be moving to SF. Naomi has a very calming and healing way of treating both physical and mental ailments. I felt the benefits straight away. I felt lighter and felt my body and soul were better in tune one with the other after the session.*

  • *After 16 years of birth control pills I decided I was going to take a break from it and find natural treatments for my PCOS, which stands for polycystic ovarian syndrome and it's an awful little condition I've had since I was a teenager. PCOS causes a lack of regular cycles, bad skin and is one of the main causes of female infertility. A couple of months after quitting the pill and going to Naomi once a week, I got my first natural period in 16 years. I celebrated that period like only a woman with PCOS will ever understand.*

  • *I've been enjoying the benefits of acupuncture for almost 15 years, for a variety of ailments. Naomi is one of the best practitioners I've run across, particularly for treating chronic pain and musculoskeletal issues (which I've received treatment for intermittently for eight years now). She is gentle, intuitive, and asks intelligent questions without being intrusive. I have found her treatments to be effective for my muscle spasms and chronic pain. Highly recommended.*

  • *I started receiving acupuncture from Naomi over three years ago for fertility support. Naomi supported me through the process of trying to get pregnant, pregnancy and postpartum challenges. During this process I received both acupuncture and herbs from Naomi. Not only was she very knowledgeable in both of these areas, she provided me the comfort and emotional support I need through this long process. She is incredibly kind, gentle and accommodating. While fertility and pregnancy issues cannot always be planned, she readily made time in her schedule to see me as the situation required. Today I am writing this review with my 10 week old son in my arms...success!

  • *Naomi's breadth of knowledge, skill and authentic interest in the care of you, your body and overall life is a fresh welcome from the stodgy, corporate feel of an HMO office visit. Care outside western medical doctor's office is a must and Naomi's integration of TCM including Massage, Accupuncture and Herbal suggestions make for complete health care.*

  • *Naomi is amazing at what she does. She is very intuitive and even if you give her a vague description of what is going on in your body, she knows exactly where to go to release the tension or pain. I walk in with life's aches and I walk out feeling free and light. To say I highly recommend her is an understatement.*

  • *So there I was with a neck that hurt and had been hurting for weeks. Stretching didn't help neither did my Chiropractor. I actually went to Naomi for something unrelated and while there thought, let's have her massage my neck and see what happens. So I got a combo acupuncture / massage neck treatment and today - I feel fantastic. I knew she was good but really, this good I had no idea. I couldn't wait till she opened her new place and now I can't wait to go back to see her.*

  • *I felt so comfortable and at ease with Naomi. She was a great listener and really understood my needs.*

  • *”I have taken my son (6 yo) to see Naomi twice, and both treatments were very helpful. She is very good with kids, calm, engaging and really knows what she’s doing. I really appreciate how accessible and affordable her treatments are. She also is extremely flexible about scheduling. I highly, highly recommend Naomi!”*

  • *Naomi is a fantastic acupuncturist and has provided great care for me for months. I've had significant symptom relief and have enjoyed working with her. I highly recommend her!*

  • *Naomi is great! It was my first time getting acupuncture, and she made me feel at ease. I went to her with a back injury and felt immediate relief after my first appointment. I highly recommend her!*

  • *I started seeing Naomi 8 months ago, and my overall health stability has improved DRAMATICALLY. I have a chronic auto-immune disease with related pain and fatigue symptoms and under Naomi's care I grow stronger and more stable. I have had acupuncture treatment from other providers, but how I feel after Naomi's care is heads-above. She listens, is thoughtful, and remembers important things from one visit to the next. Go with her!*

  • *”I highly recommend Naomi to anyone dealing with symptoms of menopause – everything from hot flashes to insomnia to mood swings. Through regular acupuncture treatments and herbal formula therapy, Naomi was able to help usher me back to a pattern of sound sleep and a feeling of greater balance in general. I highly recommend her!”*

  • *It was my first experience with acupuncture. I was so impressed with the professionalism I encountered not to mention the sensitivity to my needs. Naomi made sure I felt comfortable and at ease. She made sure to ask all of the very pertinent questions and also to make sure I was able to ask questions which put me at ease! I would like to emphasize that she made me feel like she really cared. Thank you.*

  • *I have been seeing naomi for a few years now. she is amazing! she totally listens to what i need and takes good care of me. i have pain issues caused from overuse of my upper body at work. naomi really gets in there and helps me heal whatever it is that i need at that time. she is a great listener and also has a very calming effect. i completely trust her with my body... my only problem is that i don't go often enough.*

  • *Naomi is intuitive, nonjudgemental, and truly wants to help get all your body systems back in balance. When I first came to her, I was uncharacteristically full of anxiety which was affecting my health. Some of my issues took only one session to relieve, another chronic issue my M.D. gave me pills for, which were ineffective, took two sessions and a lovely tea. Naomi always makes me feel welcome and cared for--I trust her completely.*

  • *Naomi has been treating me for infertility since mid January. I find her to be kind and understanding. She doesn't make me feel crazy about any symptoms I have or questions I may ask, unlike my fertility specialist. She is very knowledgable and explains everything in an understandable way. With Naomi I feel like she is treating my whole body and making sure that everything is healthy, not just my uterus. I feel less stress seeing her than I do seeing my specialist and gynocologist.*

  • *Naomi is a very professional and kind practitioner. She has been treating me for about 4 months for a pulled muscle and bursitis in my hip. She is a great listener and is very responsive, always adapting my treatment to how I am feeling and thinking of different ways to get at the cause of the problem. I have had much better results with her than with my physical therapist or sports medicine physician. I highly recommend her!*

  • I don't know how she does it, but a few needles later I am cured from pains and anxieties! She's helped me with PCOS and other womanly issues. I've been to both her private office in Noe Valley and the community clinic in the Mission and have enjoyed both experiences. She is a great massage therapist as well!! Highly recommended.

  • I felt listened to and taken great care of throughout my first evaluative session with Naomi. While relaxing with the needles in, I was washed over with calm - to the point I fell asleep. Upon waking, I was gently awoken and we discussed best next steps, all of which sound right on. I'm excited to continue my sessions and see where this all leads me!

  • Naomi is great and has helped me with different issues such as acid reflux, back pain, and "morning sickness" (in my case all day sickness) once I got pregnant. She really listens and tailors the treatment according to your needs. I look forward to continue seeing Naomi.

  • Naomi listens to an unusual degree, both to what I told her in English, and to what my pulse told her in its language. She is straightforward and radiates kindness and calm. I've just begun working with her, and have an immediately positive take.

  • This was my first excellent acupuncture session with Naomi who was thorough, personable and very thorough. Her gentle persona and clear dedication to her profession left me feeling uplifted and ready to return. My srpained and purple foot is remarkably improved today. Thanks Naomi!

  • I've been seeing Naomi for about a year and she is a true healer, she has helped my back pain immensely.

  • Naomi always takes the time to do a thorough intake for my ridiculously complicated health profile. She is warm and professional, clearly experienced and knowledgeable but remains accessible in terms of answering questions and charting the path for my well-being. She has a calm demeanor. I always look forward to my sessions.

  • Naomi is a thoughtful practitioner, who spends ample time understanding your needs and addresses them in a relaxed and supportive manner. I look forward to going to her massage and acupuncture treatments each week because they rejuvenate me and help me get through the next week. Not only is the quality of care high, but the scheduling is easy and her space is very inviting and centering.


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*Testimonials are from patients that Naomi Skoglund L.Ac. has treated over the years. Statements about successful treatment from one person do not guarantee successful treatment for others.

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