Acupuncture Reduces Protein Linked To Stress

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Acupuncture Reduces Protein Linked To Stress

Acupuncture reduces protein linked to stress in first of its kind animal study.

More news on the possible mechanisms of acupuncture!  A researcher at Georgetown University Medical Center has found molecular evidence of acupuncture’s ability to reduce stress by lowering the blood levels of a protein called neuropeptide Y.  This protein is secreted by the sympathetic nervous system during stressful periods and constricts blood flow to many parts of the body.  Although this is a preliminary animal study, it follows that by reducing this protein, acupuncture can help return blood flow to the extremities and digestive organs so people may feel less pain and more relaxed overall.  This experiment will need to be replicated in humans before we can say for sure, but this finding may prove to be one more piece of the mechanism puzzle!

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